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Legal Residency In...




UAE (Dubai)





From the desk of Caleb Jones.

Dubai, UAE


What You're Gonna Get


Here’s a listing of the video lessons, in the course representing 6 hours of content, making it one of my longest courses ever:


1. Overview of Residencies

2. Benefits of Residency Over Visa-Hopping

3. Advanced Legal Paperwork Management

4. Travel Logistics for Getting Residency

5. United Arab Emirates - Flag Overview

6. United Arab Emirates - Residency Instructions

7. Paraguay - Flag Overview

8. Paraguay - Residency Instructions

9. Armenia - Flag Overview

10. Armenia - Residency Instructions

11. Panama - Flag Overview

12. Panama - Residency Instructions

13. Bonus Lesson - Lowering Your Taxes As An American Expat


This wealth of specific, how-to information costs many thousands of dollars if you get it anywhere else, but this course is only a few hundred. You won’t be able to find this information this cheap ANYWHERE.





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