From the desk of Caleb Jones.

Dubai, UAE

How do you make a lot of money when you have your own business? You engage in marketing. If you market correctly, you can get all the customers or clients you want to achieve whatever financial goals you have.


If you don't market, if you don't know marketing as a skill, or if you engage in marketing the wrong way, the odds are pretty good you'll go out of business, even if whatever you sell is very high quality.


That's why I've always said that marketing is the most important function in your business. It's not the only important thing, but it's the most important thing. Too many people quickly go out of business when they have a great product, service, or information to offer but don't properly market it (or don't market it at all!).


I have never started a business that didn't make money. I have used many different ways to market my companies over the years and I've done pretty well. I've also worked with or consulted with other companies and received many ideas from them.


In the new course How To Get Clients, I show you over 20 different ways to market the thing you're selling (or want to sell) in your business, all of which make money. This course applies to any business you have, be it selling hard products to customers, services to clients, or information. It covers marketing techniques that cost zero money and other techniques that cost some. 


The course covers everything you need to make money in your business, even if you have no business experience at all.


You'll get 17 comprehensive video lessons plus materials such as a gigantic copywriting checklist on exactly how to write ad copy that is most likely to result in sales, a flowchart of one of my companies showing exactly all the ways one can market information, and much more. 


All of these techniques and materials have cost me over $20,000 of my own money to acquire, and you get them all with this course for just a few hundred bucks.





What You're Gonna Get


Here's everything you get in the course:


1. 17 Video Lessons. These include:


Lesson 01 - The Importance of Marketing
Lesson 02 - How To Choose The Correct Marketing Techniques
Lesson 03 - The Marketing Ladder
Lesson 04 - Advertising: Online
Lesson 05 - Advertising: Offline
Lesson 06 - Advertising: Radio and Podcast
Lesson 07 - Copywriting
Lesson 08 - Direct Mail
Lesson 09 - Free Info Drip
Lesson 10 - Social Media
Lesson 11 - Telemarketing
Lesson 12 - Public Speaking
Lesson 13 - Referral Systems
Lesson 14 - Joint Ventures
Lesson 15 - Article Submissions
Lesson 16 - Networking
Lesson 17 - Other Marketing Methods


2. MP3 Audios of All The Above Video Lessons. For those of you who like to listen rather than watch.


3. PDF Transcripts of All The Above Video Lessons. For those of you who like to read rather than listen or watch. (Audios and transcripts are available for download after the refund period is over.)


4. The Copywriting Checklist. This is a spreadsheet that shows you what you need to change in your advertising copy (for web sites, emails, direct mail, audio ads, social media, and so on) to maximize the odds of a sale or opt-in. This list is the result of over $10,000 of my own money spent to compile the best copywriting techniques from the world's best copywriters, and is worth the cost of the course all by itself!


5. The Massive Income Flowchart. This is a HUGE flowchart of ALL the marketing and back-end sales techniques I've used in one of my businesses to get my income to six figures working just 4 days per week. It shows you exactly what I did so you can copy it and get the same results.



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